Making Fundraising Calendars From Home

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Fundraising calendars can easily be made at home. It has long been one of the best fundraising ideas for anyone to print fundraising calendars for small projects or even home businesses. The great thing about fundraising calendars is that you can actually make them at home if you really want to. Let me teach you how you can make your own custom calendars right in the comfort of your own home. Here are the different steps that you need to know.

1. Choose your software The first step in making fundraising calendars from home is to choose your own publishing software. Today, all calendar layouts typically start from a digital layout. So you will need to choose your most preferred software to design your own fundraising calendar. While it is easy to create calendars from something as simple as a word processor (i.e. Microsoft Word), it is best that you choose something a little bit more powerful in publishing such as Adobe In Design or Microsoft Publisher. Any software made specifically for publishing specialized prints should be perfect as your choice for software. Make sure that you can easily learn and use the application that you choose.

2. Get your template The second step is to get your template. This involves basically acquiring a calendar template that will become your design foundation. First look for calendar templates in your software, in a lot of cases, applications do have some stock calendar templates that you can use for your design. However, you can also download different kinds of calendar templates with different configurations by just searching for them using the Internet. Just try to look for and choose the design that you really want from all these sources.

3. Get your pictures Now, before you get down and dirty with the layout, I suggest that you first get your pictures. In most cases, people like to put in their own custom pictures per month in fundraising calendars. This typically is the selling factor, so it is best to do this initially and take the photos before the layouts begin. So depending on the concept of your color calendars, try to get the images that you need for your project. Just make sure that you get the largest image that you can with the highest resolution possible. This will make the pictures look more ideal.

4. Write your important text content You should then prepare all your text content. This not only includes the actual calendar table, events and holidays. You should also compose your monthly messages, public relations pages, contact pages and other pertinent text information. Try to write these down already and check for any spelling or grammar errors. It is best to prepare all the text so that they are already perfect once you lay them out on the calendar layout.

5. Layout and set the calendar So with your template, images and text ready, all you need to do next is to create the design layout and set the final look for it. Using your preferred software application, you should open up the calendar template and start developing your custom calendar. Just follow the guidelines and margins in the template to make sure that everything looks good for printing. Make sure that you insert your images and text precisely and of course practice good taste and imagination when you position them.

6. Checking and refining Never forget to check your designs after your initial draft is complete. No calendar layout is truly perfect after the first drafting. So try to check at least three times to see if your whole layout is indeed ready for calendar printing. Try to refine some of the text and design elements whenever possible. Have others check your work as well to make sure everything looks ok. Create one final draft once you have all the little tweaks and corrections done.

7. Printing calendars After the design has been created, we now then come to the point of calendar printing. To print custom calendars at home, you will need a proper printer. A full color printer with a wide page printing area is always ideal so that you can easily print each page of the calendar. Once printed, I suggest that you bind them using those special comb binding tools that you can easily buy from stationery or office supply stores.

If you plan on mass production though, I suggest that you print your calendars from home via an online calendar printing company. Many calendar printing companies have their own websites where you can order online. You will just need to send your designs to them and set your printing order. Just decide on the best printing options from their website and you should have your own fundraising calendars printed within a few days. This is the fastest, most convenient and best quality process that you can use for home calendar printing.

Great! Now you can print calendars from your home easily. Good luck!
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Making Fundraising Calendars From Home

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This article was published on 2010/10/22