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Get ready rumble! One of the two variations of fundraising calendars that people use today as effective tools are desk calendars and wall calendars. These different types of fundraising calendars have their own unique strengths and weaknesses that make them popular with many experts. Let me give you a comparison between the two so that you will know which one you will probably need for your own campaign. So let us match them together in this special custom calendar rumble.

Strengths of the Wall Calendar

The big strength of wall calendars is in their images. People today buy color calendars because of the pictures in them. Wall calendars are the best deliverers of featured images since they of course have a large space reserved for it as well as the whole calendar date table. People like displaying those custom calendars with images decoratively, especially when they really have an eye for those calendar graphics.

So it is because of those images that wall calendars have been used effectively for fundraising. Calendars like this sell because the images featured can sell to people in a great degree.

Powers of the Desk Calendar

Desk calendars on the other hand have a very different power. While they lack the big market punch of a wall calendar, their strength lies in their functionality. Since, as their name suggests, they are meant to be displayed on desks, the market for these types of custom calendars are people who work mainly on desks.

This of course means that for desk calendars, professionals and businesspeople are their best suited market. You can sell more desk calendars to those kinds of people who do have extra money to buy custom calendars, and of course would gladly buy useful desk calendars since their functionality will help in their work. So for a desk calendar, its powers are in its market targeted dimension. It is a product where you already have a good market that is willing to buy.

Wall Calendar Disadvantages

Wall calendars while great, do have some disadvantages. The greatest of these is its cost. Unlike those smaller desk calendars, wall calendars are typically more expensive. Since they are generally larger, you will need more paper materials and binding materials needed to produce them. This increases the costs of production by a significant degree. In terms of budgeting for fundraising calendars, you will need to be precise and balanced about it, especially when you use wall calendars.

Desk Calendar Weaknesses

A desk calendar's major weakness is its plainness. Since you cannot put too much design elements into desk calendars and you can actually make too large a desk calendar, most desk calendar themes are pretty simple and not that distinct. Many desk calendars look the same to most people. You will have to work hard in managing the color schemes, layouts and font styles just to get a unique looking desk calendar.

How it all plays out.

So those are the comparisons on strengths and weaknesses. What do you think is best for you? Typically, I would recommend Wall Calendars first, even for newcomers since that is the simplest thing to create, and is the easiest to deal with for most. However, if you are serious about fundraising with custom calendars you should consider adding desk calendars as your main product. You can get an extended and assured market for your fundraising with them. Ideally tough, you would use a combination of both for a well balanced fundraising campaign.

I hope now, you should have a clear fundraising ideas of what you will really need for your campaign. Desk calendars, or wall calendars both can be great, you just need to know when to use them.

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Fundraising Calendar Types Match Up

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This article was published on 2010/10/29