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A calendar for the upcoming year, 2011, is very vital in order for us to have a very fruitful and productive year. Some of us would entirely depend on the organization and how well we could get all of our acts together. It is one thing that you know your priorities but it is entirely a different story if you would have the discipline to stick with them.

Being disciplined is one of the keys to become successful. If you are disciplined, focused and determined, then you are more likely to achieve your goal and everything would be bound to happen as planned if you would maintain that kind of attitude all throughout the year. But the way we express these essential factors to success vary depending on the person's personality.

There is no clear cut way to become successful. We are all free to go around it and decipher the easiest way for us. This is why we can't prescribe a single kind of calendar 2011 that could help you ensure your way to a productive and successful year.

Calendars are very powerful when it comes to getting our lives in order, or at least the year that is printed on it. This essential item help us accomplish more of our things-to-do and it would also assist us so that we will not forget the things that we should do for the time. It serves as a personal secretary for some! This is the reason why starting your year right would usually mean buying the right calendar that would fit your personality and work style.

Two of the most in demand calendars in the market is the wall and desk calendar. Some may find these calendars as similar and they wouldn't get it why many would make a big fuss as to whether they would get a wall or desk calendar for 2010. Choosing between a wall and desk calendar is again depending on the personality and work style of the person. If you are more of a non-verbal person and you would want everything in black and white, you might find the desk calendar more useful and convenient.

But if you are more of a person on the go and you would want to see your schedule in a glance, then you might want to consider a wall calendar. Next to a wall or desk calendar, there are many things that you should consider in buying a calendar 2011.

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Desk or Wall Calendar 2011

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This article was published on 2010/10/02