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Your fundraising calendars will always be under competition with other kinds of color calendars. Those might be commercial calendars that are really for sale, or they might also be other calendar layouts from different fundraising campaigns. Whatever the case, with lots of calendars vying for the customer’s attention, especially once the turn of the year starts, you will be hard pressed to design powerful fundraising calendars that can compete with all those.

If you think you cannot handle all this competition and pressure, think again. With some tricks and a little research, you can easily compete with other custom calendars and help you succeed with your fundraising. Let me teach you a few key strategies that should help you sell batches of custom calendars for your fundraising campaign competitively.

• Target responsive markets – The first thing you have to do to be competitive with your color calendars is to always use targeted designs for the most responsive markets. For example, if your market research reveals that home makers are the best consumers of calendars in your area, then you might want to design custom folders with themes especially made for that kind of market. They might want calendars with images of cute babies, cute animals or just wonderful natural vistas.

With targeted designs to the most ideal market, you can easily get more of your custom calendars sold, simply because you chose the best markets that respond and buy more. So make sure you do your homework and create designs for those very responsive markets or consumers.

• Be unique with your themes
– Distinction is a key factor in a competitive market. You have to have a very unique theme for your fundraising calendars I you want people to notice it beyond all other commercial calendars.  So try to leave the typical design themes for your calendars behind and use something that has a fresher and newer source.

For example, instead of just printing custom calendars with inspirational messages for each month, you might want to do it in a more exciting style. You may use beautiful models to re-enact those inspiration messages to add some human appeal to that more inspirational style. By mixing and matching certain design concepts and definitely thinking of new ones yourself, you can develop a nice unique custom calendar theme that is different from other calendars. The more unique your fundraising calendar is, the more likely that people will pick it up.

• Print impressively always – Quality printing is a key competitive factor for your custom calendar designs. That is why you should print custom calendars as impressively as always with the best paper and ink materials. Professional glossy paper materials are always recommended as these types of prints can usually go toe to toe with other commercial calendar prints. As long as you spend on the best quality paper and ink materials that you can, it should be easily to be impressive enough with your calendar designs to be competitive in any kind of market.

• Emphasize the campaign’s worthy cause
– One key difference about your fundraising calendars is its worthy cause. If you can emphasize this well with your calendar prints, you can easily convince people to buy your custom calendars. Everybody likes giving to some cause or another, and if you can make it easy for them to feel good by just buying your calendars, a lot of people do actually oblige. So try to print your fundraising campaign’s worthy cause in your custom calendars. The more you emphasize its worthy cause the more people will pick your fundraising calendars.

• Be everywhere
– Lastly, if you really want to be effective with your fundraising calendars and beat your competition, always try to have your custom calendars sold in different places. The trick is to have it everywhere you can so that people can repeatedly see the opportunity and buy eventually. With repeated calendar marketing like this over a wide area, it is well possible to make consumers become familiar with you and eventually be convinced to buy your fundraising calendars. So try to be extensive with your distribution, and be everywhere. You will increase the likelihood of more people buying your color calendars, increasing your competitive edge.

Great! Now you know how to compete with other color calendars. Take all these tips into heart and try to be imaginative with your marketing schemes. The better you are at marketing your calendars, the more money you can gain for your fundraising.

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Competing With other Custom Calendars

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This article was published on 2010/10/29