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Promotional gifts can be difficult to organise and often people who have never had to don't really know where to start. The key thing about promotional gifts is that they do not need to be expensive or elaborate. They just need to reflect the service of the company and act as a constant reminder of what the business is about. There are a lot of popular and inexpensive yet very effective options, which can act as a daily advertisement of your business.

One of these methods involves designing and distributing your own promotional calendars, which can contain important company information and a variety of images. These images could be of upcoming products, launch dates, new company branding or the existing staff. Furthermore, your existing and new clients will look at promotional calendars on a daily basis, providing them with a constant reminder of your business. If a calendar is hung on a wall, then other people will notice the calendar in passing, adding to the number of potential clients and brand exposure. But even as a desktop version, they attract attention, not only by the person sitting at that particular desk.

Promotional calendars in comparison to other desktop items, such as paperweights or clocks, are a lot more cost effective and more people will be exposed to the brand name written on them. Calendars are far more useful and guarantee daily usage. The best time to distribute promotional calendars is usually a few months before the New Year or Christmas, this way you will get ahead of other companies and give the customers something that they will need for the New Year.

For companies on a tight budget producing company calendars is a perfect way to save money and custom-design something that will provide daily exposure of the business. There is a wide choice of different sized calendars, such as the conventional wall calendars, desk calendars, pocket sized calendars and even PVC tent calendars for companies on a really tight budget. The latter products can be made with tear-away sheets and printed with bright colours so that they stand out more on someone's desk.

Recently, companies have invested in a different type of calendar which resembles a CD case. The difference is they fold back on themselves and stand upright on ones desktop. They make for a unique design and can be custom-designed to contain images of your company and other related items. They are slightly more expensive than PVC tent calendars; however, they are a good way of grabbing people's attention and are original in their design.

Wall calendars are by far the most popular type of promotional calendar to choose, and still significantly cheaper than most other corporate gifts. Depending upon the size, you can again choose to customize the design or select a template design provided by the company producing these calendars. Each page can feature an image of the company logo, reminding customers of your business. In addition, you can mark certain dates of the month with useful information of product launch dates and special events related to the service of your company, giving the recipient much more than just a booklet full of dates and images!

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Choosing a Company Calendar Design

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This article was published on 2010/03/26