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While you typically design calendars to be seen all year around, for most marketers the cover design of most calendar templates are designed to capture that calendar customer or buyer. To effectively capture or attract those buyers of calendars, you will need to design your color calendar layouts in such away as to tell those readers that your prints are worth keeping for the whole year.

Let me teach you how to do this effectively with a few special tricks. Listed down below are the most powerful moves that you can do to help you make your custom calendars more attractive to those calendar buyers.

Original theme.

I cannot stress this more importantly enough. With the thousands and perhaps millions of types of calendars printed in the whole world, you will need to produce an original theme if you want to attract those calendar buyers.  Most of these buyers have probably seen a lot of types of color calendars already, and they are weary with the same old concepts with only changing pictures and fonts.

So remember to always do an original theme. Dump those templates and build original color calendars yourself. This is the best way to get people to pay attention to your custom calendars and perhaps buy them from you of course.

Decorative examples.

Now, when it comes to attracting those calendar buyers through the cover of those calendars, one of the first things that you will need are decorative examples. You will need to present the calendar in action so that people can see how it will look like if they do buy and use them. By putting in an image of the calendar in use at the most ideal decorative spot in the cover, you should be able to hook those people into considering your calendars. It is simple but this will increase your chances at succeeding with these prints.

Teasers and features.

Besides pictures of the calendars in action as decorative examples, it is also a good move to add in teasers and features in the color calendar. Many people like seeing all the images of the calendar before they buy it. However, with packaging limitations and protection concerns, it is sometimes hard for people to see and judge the whole calendar unless they buy it.

To get people interested in your color calendars in this situation, you will want to capture them by presenting teasers and features right in the cover of the calendars. You can present all the most appealing calendar images in the cover so that people can see what other amazing pictures you have as the months go by. If you present to people what they want to see, it should be easy to hook them into buying your calendars.

Special packaging.

Finally, one of the most important features for a custom calendar that determines if it will capture calendar buyers (or not), is the packaging. Typically, if people need to choose to buy between several great calendars, the determining factor is the packaging. That is why it is good to invest in better packaging for your color calendars so that you can get more people to pay attention and buy them. Add in ribbons, special plastics, twine and even beautiful gift wrapping materials. The better looking the packaging the more people will pay attention. So try to invest in special packaging when possible.

With those tricks, it should be easy for you to get to that calendar customer. The more you practice these tricks, the better sales you will get with your custom calendars.

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Capture Those Calendar Customers

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This article was published on 2010/11/24